Web Development.

Websites that represent you.

What will your site need?

Here at Bender Marketing Services, we build responsive websites that improve performance and user experience to ensure your valuable customers are being reached in the most effective ways possible. 


As you say "Not every business needs a website". You may be thinking "I don't believe that my business is big enough for a website".

Well ... your WRONG. Every business NEEDS a website; no matter the niche, size or location. In todays day and age, everyone is on the internet; browsing, shopping, and reviewing. A website can provide a business with the credibility it may need to "close the next big deal", or "make the next sale". Providing your customers/clients with the credibility, reviews, or portfolio of previous work, they want to see.

So whether you’re looking for a simple “online business card” website or a “market leadership” web presence that brings you leads 24/7, it has to be a valuable resource for your “interested buyers” or your website will fail.

The look of your website and its navigation creates a strong first-impression to all visitors. If your site looks like it was designed by amateurs, then people will think that YOUR business is run by amateurs (as is usually the case when a friend, staff, or nephew designs you a website).

Put your best foot forward, so that you come across as a trustworthy and credible business. Let Bender Marketing Services build your credibility today!

Landing Page

If you’re paying for traffic with Pay-per-click or banner ads on the internet, then you need a landing page to collect the names and emails of your “interested buyers” so you can market them long after they’ve left your website. Landing pages bring you profitable leads.



Bender Marketing Services' websites are safe and secure. Our websites are all HTTPS and SSL secure. Giving you the peace of mind, knowing that your site is safe. Allowing your custom domain and your new data driven site to be secure from hackers.



Get ahead of your competitors. Become identifiable with a new website, allowing you to create a greater, clean, modern online appearance.

Allow your business to grow online, with SEO and web design. Create your brand!



Allow your new site to be Google Certified; allowing your new site to be a Google trusted partner. Therefore, your site will have the opportunity to hold advertisements certified by Google. (If Desired)

Informational Website

Are you ready for a website? or Have you had one, and need a newer, modernized site? Website possibilities are endless. Everything from adding photo gallerys, portfolios of work, slideshows, a blog, videos, booking appointment software, wigits, log-ins, dashboards, instagram feed, social icons, and much more.

E-Commerce Website

Have you recently decided to create an online store? A new clothing brand? Or an existing store, with no online presence? Bender Marketing Services can increase the sales of your new online product(s). Giving your product(s) a new home can be tough, with Bender Marketing Services we are able to provide your store with a fully customizable, optimized design. Allowing your customers to view and purchase your product(s) online from any device. Here at BMS we carry with us many payment capabilities, such as PayPal, Visa, MaserCard, AMX, and others.


Allow your customers to view your new product links on social media, while giving them the option to purchase a product directly from the post; while managing all orders through the same platform. Enjoy viewing detailed analytics from your site. Including demographics, location, page views, page location, and much more. When your site is complete, allow Bender Marketing Services to maintain and market your new site, so it is always up to date with new products/content.

Website Integrations

Does your website need the ability to allow customers to book appointmets, view instagram feed, observe a portfolio of previous work, contact forms, ect? At Bender Marketing Services anything is possible. Allow us to prove you wrong!

Website Maintnence

After you get your new, modern website developed, you want to keep it new and modern, right? So, thats where Bender Marketing Services comes in to assist and apply maintenance to increase your online visibility and appearance. We want your customers to have the best experience possible when they visit your website. To insure they have the best experience, we help you maintain your website by adding new content.


Content may include, photo uploads, page constructions, form additions, widget updates, blog uploads, ect. Included with our website maintenance are detailed analytics, including page views, page location, location, IP address, and other data. These analytics can benefit you when you decide to market your website with PPC advertising.