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Bender Marketing Services CEO – James Bender to deliver its new social media and web development strategic training, Bender Marketing Services has hired five new company consultants with renowned social selling experience, blogging techniques, social speaking, and web development techniques. For more information or to receive a complementary consultation, contact Bender Marketing Services at 575.SERV.BMS, or visits us online.


About Bender Marketing Services Bender Marketing Services is a Bay Area leader in the professional development industry, providing innovative, high-impact solutions for performance improvement with online sales and online appearance. For more than 50 years, Bender Marketing Services has delivered unique, comprehensive and renowned development sites, advertisement campaigns and programs to fulfill its mission of creating company value, supporting dramatic bottom-line results and acting as a strategic asset to Bay Area clientele. Bender Marketing Services is a privately-owned company headquartered in California.


For more information on Bender Marketing Services, or to book a complementary consultation, contact us at 575.SERV.BMS,, or visit us online at Contact: James Bender Chief Executive Officer, CEO Bender Marketing Services, LLC.® Phone: 575-SERV-BMS Email:

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New decade, new company



     Ever seen a Youtube ad? You’re probably shaking your head up and down as you’re reading this, probably thinking of the ad you just watched last period. Now picture this: a company, owned by one of your peers at Monte Vista, helped create it.

    Bender Marketing is booming in enterprising. Sophomore James Bender is the founder and CEO and has been running the company for three years.


    Bender kept the name for his own company in honor of his grandfather, James Bender Sr., who founded Bender Marketing in 1963.


     “[The company’s goal is to] help local businesses increase their income or ROI (return on income),” Bender said.


    This company is currently working with businesses like Youtube and Google.


    Bender Marketing has worked with many clients in Danville and the Bay Area including: Straight Shredded Apparel, Zolf Salon, and The Nest Boutique.


    “My company does internet marketing and brand awareness,” Bender said. “It used to be a company that sold point of sale systems.”


    Both of his parents have owned companies and worked for big companies as well. Michael Bender, his dad, owned a tech company. His mom, Kathryn Fortino, owns a business consulting firm.


    Bender’s grandfather, James Bender Sr., founded Bender Marketing in 1963. The company stayed in the family and was eventually transformed by Bender Senior’s grandson, James Bender.


     Because of his family’s background in business, Bender has picked up an interest in it too.


    “I like the field of business and will go into business in college,” he said. “I am very passionate about [the business world].”


    Bender hires peers to work for him because they enjoy working together. His peers that he hired are sophomores Cole Braun, Jordan Lem, Charis Zheng, Ben Sheyman, Christopher Stamp, and Robert Fisher.


      He currently has a team of over 500 people (engineers) working for him in India and seven people working out of the Bay Area. The engineers they hire in India help out with the development and business strategy consulting for their clients.


    “We look for people who are smart, confident, have good communication skills, and good time management,” Bender said.

   The workers get paid no matter what,  “even if there is a ‘no deal’ or ‘deal’, sell and add or not,” Bender said.  


    Being a teen, can be a challenge to manage both school and work life. However they are all responsible and enjoy their jobs, so working is not a huge obstacle for them.


    “I am in charge of the marketing, brand, and communication services,” Lem said. “It is a handful, but I manage.

    The company as a whole wants to help businesses improve their productivity.


    “To fulfill and increase the brand awareness and help as many small companies grow as we can,” Bender said.

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