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Strategic Planning.

Whether you need a new marketing strategy, or need to revamp your previous one, Bender Marketing Services is here to help. At Bender Marketing Services consulting falls into our strong suit. We specialize in building smart strategic marketing plans for businesses. Starting with your future objectives, we tailor a specific marketing plan that will soon be executed, followed by extrordinary campaigns.


After your plan is developed, Bender Marketing Services will help implement strategic planning into your marketing campaigns. Searching for related keywords, generating alt. tags, reviewing SEO rankings, ect.; all may be implemented into your campaign.


Bender Marketing Services isn't going anywhere. "We are here for the long run", says James Bender, CEO.

IT Support

Bender Marketing Services wants to insure you with the smoothest installation process possible. We are equipped to service everything from hardware installations; such as a TV installation, computer installation, printer installation, scanner installation, POS system installation, router installation, WI-FI modem installation, ect. to software, SAAS programming and optimization. Don't let the complexity of wires and hardware confuse you, hire Bender Marketing Services to consult your IT needs.



SAAS/POS/CRM Programming

Have you recently started using a new software? Point of Sale System?; Customer Relation Management Software?; or maybe a appointment software? Well Bender Marketing Services can help you merge your clientele information to the new software, customize the software with your branding, customize and optimize many other options. So you can rest assured, that your software is safe and ready to use. 

If your working with a new software and aren't exactly sure how to use it; Bender Marketing Services can help. Let Bender Marketing Services provide the end user (you) with software training, so they will be able to function and use the software to it's full capabilities.

KPI Analysis

At Bender Marketing Services we understand that KPIs might not be the easiest to understand. That's ok! We specialize in these types of things. We are able to manage and review your KPIs and analytics for Google Adwords, Facebook Ad Manager, Instagram Ads, Google Analytics, etc. To establish Key Performance Indicators, we first need to establish a few goals and objectives. To proceed, we can then focus on establishing a valid apparence while generating a solid marketing plan.

API Booking Integrations

Does your business sell a in person service? Well if your a salon, dentist, orthodontist, veterinarian, counselor, tutor, ect. You should be using a qualified appointment software; such as:


  • Vagaro

  • Square Space

  • WIX Bookings

  • Appointlet

  • HubSpot

  • 10to8

  • ScheduleOnce


With an appointment booking software you are able to book clients directly on your phone, tablet, or computer. That way everything is in one place; and won't get lost. Many booking software's allow a HTML booking widget to be enabled, allowing your clients to book an appointment directly from your website. 


Now with all your clients in one place, you can have the peace of mind that their information is safe and secure. Let Bender Marketing Services guide and implement your appointment system in the right direction.

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